Reduction in Operational Cost and Turnaround Time

SEZ online will facilitate online clearance of both imports and exports by the DC, which will significantly reduce the cost and time. Thus, this will provide an online bond register.

Reduction in Compliance Cost

Compliance reporting like submission of Quarterly/Annual Performance Reports etc. will be quite simple and will minimize need for multiple clarifications with the office of DC.

Faster Clearances

Most of the clearances required including application for establishing units, claims, LUT extension etc will be online.

Improvement in efficiency & transparency in Service to End Users

This online facility will ensure that the interaction with the office of DC will be online and the users will receive online alerts (email / SMS) for any exception which will help to resolve the issues with minimum delay.

Repository of all transactions / interactions with DC's Office

The system shall have a record of all the interactions which any end user has had with the DC's office. The system shall have a repository of all the transactions with the DC's office with respect to material movement within the SEZ.

Dashboard and MIS for MOC and DCs

SEZ Online will provide aggregate information across all SEZs which will act as Decision Support System for Policy formulation. It will also facilitate monitoring of end users